NGC prides itself on its unwavering commitment to collaboration and stakeholder involvement, which has proven to be instrumental in delivering over 30 distinguished schools for the esteemed government of Abu Dhabi. By working hand in hand with the client, NGC has ensured that their final products not only meet but surpass the expectations of all stakeholders. This approach permeates through the entirety of their supply chain, as NGC holds stakeholder-focused procedures in the highest regard, taking pride in delivering products that are second to none. Not content with just traditional construction methods, NGC has diversified its capabilities to include design and build projects, and fully precast schools. This strategic move has enabled NGC to provide highly valued educational facilities that benefit from cutting-edge construction techniques and state-of-the-art designs. In line with the principles established by the honorable UAE government, NGC places a high premium on the use of standardized components, guaranteeing consistency in all of its products.In essence, NGC's collaborative approach and unwavering focus on stakeholder needs have been the driving force behind its success in delivering premium educational facilities that exceed client expectations.

Al Foah Police School

ADFSP Phase 8 Phase 5

Autism Centre

ADFSP Phase 7 Package 3

ADFSP Phase 6 Package 14

ADFSP Phase 6 Package 6, 7, 8

Al Foah KG

ADFSP Phase 4 Package 2

ADFSP Phase 4 Package 3

ADFSP Phase 3 Package 3

ADFSP Phase 2 Package 3

UAEU Campus Infrastructure

ADFSP Phase 1 Package 3 & 7

3 Typical Kindergarden

Building for UAEU