Nael Steel Structure

Nael Steel Structure LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication unit and is a division of Nael General Contracting LLC. It was established in 2000 to cater to the evolving requirements of NGC as well as the growing demand of the regional construction sector. Our division specializes in the manufacture and installation of all types of structural and architectural steel elements. Leading the way in innovation, we have a dedicated Research and Development wing, headed by certified professional structural engineers, who have ample experience in Structural design and its associated nuances. This in-house capability enables us to keep up with fluctuating market trends and cutting-edge innovations in steel fabrication technology. Nael Steel Structure’s expert team offers a complete Steel structure solution from analysis and design to installation at project sites. Our adopted quality standards and safety procedures are as per international guidelines. NST prides itself on following the principles of ‘Kaizen’ and is always in pursuit of continuous improvement. They are stringently implemented and are reviewed periodically to ensure that we meet our cost, productivity & efficiency targets. We are confident in our in-house strategies and capabilities for expansion in Structural Steel Projects, Engineering, Manufacturing, Painting, and Installation within the United Arab Emirates, GCC, and Africa. Our long-term vision is to catalyze a global company that fosters exceptional employees, knowledgeable suppliers, and satisfied customers. Our current mission is to organically evolve into a leading and respected manufacturer of industrial products by implementing our adopted strategy based on continuously improving product quality and process efficiency.