Nael Aluminium & Glass

The Nael Aluminium and Glass Works (NAGW) division was established in 1999, to reinforce the expanding operations of our parent company, Nael General Contracting LLC (NGC). Our Managerial and Supervisory staff are significantly experienced in all relevant areas of the aluminium and glazing industry. Our skilled workforce has worked with various aluminium fabricators and has successfully delivered multiple projects through numerous glazing systems in the Middle East. Our commitment to quality is evident from the fact that our division is now ISO 9001:2000 certified and guided by an established set of policies and execution procedures mandated by international regulatory bodies and relevant government authorities. World-class quality output has always been our ethos and this has enabled us to be approved as fabricators and installation experts, for reputed International aluminium systems manufactured by Technal - France, Alumil - Greece, and Gudman - Germany. NAGW is also an approved fabricator and installer of systems from Emirates Extrusion, Al Jaber Aluminium, Gulf Extrusion - UAE, and NAPCO - Oman. To date, we have completed projects of varying design complexity and capacity, which have involved: Community Housing, Duplex apartments, Schools, Factory complexes, and Multi-storey buildings, all the while adding value to the projects executed by NGC, our parent company. At Nael Aluminium and Glass Works, we strive to maintain skill levels that catalyze the operations of NGC in all their projects and carve a name for ourselves at the same time.